AktHIV.de e.V.

Independent HIV-Positive Network Germany

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Why we exist

In the past few years, some groups have been founded outside of the official AIDS support. These groups are mostly regionally active, work on a voluntary basis and have their own focus. Our range consist from classic self-help, counseling, regulars' tables and activism, and sometimes it's a bit of everything.  What unites us is that we work and fight with our hearts and are committed to a life with HIV free from discrimination.  

This is how we are now

On 20 September 2020, the AktHIV.de association was founded in Berlin. It represents the interests of HIV activists and regional HIV self-care networks at the federal level.


AktHIV.de e.V. is now an independent nationwide self-help network by people with HIV for people with HIV. We provide information on the topic of HIV, offer assistance at eye level, and take a stand on HIV-related aspects in all areas of life. As a self-advocacy group of people with HIV we convince with our own expertise.


One of our main concerns is the promotion of independent HIV-Networks


All members of AktHIV.de e.V. work voluntarily and with great commitment. With their projects, they are committed to an informed, open and discrimination-free society. A valuable work deserves large appreciation. But our work often does not get it this appreciation. In addition, self-care work in self-advocacy also requires financial resources that often seep away elsewhere.


Therefore we wish for::

  • More public awareness and appreciation
  • Increased support for self-care
  • A say in the allocation and management of funds for independent self-care
  • Ensuring that funds for self-care actually reach the self-care sector 
  • Nothing about us without us

Projects, initiatives and associations of our members

We shape HIV-Networks locally: