Vision & Mission

This is what we want & this is our way

Our Vision

For a life with HIV

  • A life free of discrimination for people with HIV
  • an HIV-informed and open society
  • self-determined participation of HIV-positive people on all levels (e.g. in already existing social support systems in the field of HIV, health policy, medicine ...)
  • access to medical care, here and worldwide for everyone
  • further research on HIV, treatment and side effects
  • Self-help 4.0 in Germany: independent and recognized


Our Mission

1. further develop and promote self-help

  • Start networking of voluntary and independent HIV self-help and activists at the federal level. 
  • Develop self-help further and make it attractive for the current needs of people living with HIV.
  • Enable exchange of ideas, inspiration and support among each other (e.g. through seminars and meetings)
  • Promote the competence and activity of self-help and activists.
  • To give independent self-help more visibility and recognition in the national network.
  • The focus of our work is on living with HIV.
  • Demanding appreciation of self-help.

2. provide information on HIV

  • Create more visibility and access to the topic of HIV
  • Promote an open and relaxed life with HIV within society.
  • Transporting a contemporary image of HIV into society
  • Promote and advertise self-help counselling and information services.
  • To offer information on HIV, therapy solutions, living with HIV and "zero" discrimination
  • Our content is self-determined, authentic and unfiltered

3. work on issues & get involved

  • At our meetings and when working together, we are independent in working out issues and demands - and we do this with a lot of commitment, fun and joy.
  • Together we make our demands more visible in society and politics, e.g. on World AIDS Day, n=n (not detectable = not transmissible), ...
  • We are experts in our own field and demand a say, e.g. in health policy, social policy or social policy.
  • Don't talk about us and make decisions without us.
  • We are HIV self-help and demand a say.

4. plan and implement actions

  • Develop, realise and publish ideas together, e.g. for the WAT, N=N (10 years EKAF, action: Flying Condoms) HIV and work, children/HIV, CSD ...
  • We love activism and we are creative, spontaneous, flexible and authentic - together we have the most fun.
  • Our meeting has already proven itself as a platform for finding ideas.
  • Also as a duo, e.g. with other organisations, we can start joint actions at eye level.

5. benefit with the federal network

  • Achieve better visibility and perception of independent self-help at the federal level.
  • The ideas and actions of the members receive support from us and thus gain nationwide significance.
  • As a member of the national HIV network, you will be visible, independent and self-confident.
  • Finding cooperation partners and supporters together.
  • Exchange ideas, inspiration and support among each other and benefit from other perspectives.
  • Our members are competent contact persons for the media, HIV research, politics and health insurance companies.
  • HIV activists offer an exciting platform for cooperation. Here you can meet committed people, enjoy working together and change the way HIV is dealt with. 
  • Activism needs new blood. We welcome new people and new ideas.

Our Vision & Our Mission